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Are you an adult without your high school diploma? Now is the time to start looking into getting a diploma. Biddeford Adult Education can provide you with a better education and an improved standard of living within this society. At any point in your adult life, you can continue the high school education that you may have missed.

If you, or someone you know is interested in earning their High School Diploma, contact Erika our Student Advisor. Schedule your appointment with Erika and discuss what you need for credits.

Current graduation requires 24 credits: 4 English credits, 2 Math credits, 2 Science credits, 1 Social Science credit, 1 U.S. History credit, 1 Computer Literacy credit, 1 Fine Arts credit, and 12 Electives. Adults (17 and older) can earn a high school diploma through the adult education program. Previously earned credits as well as life experience will count toward your credit total. All courses taken for diploma credit are FREE.

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The HiSET exam is a five-part test that is used to issue a high school equivalency credential. The exam allows you to show you have the same academic knowledge and skills as a high school graduate. Taking the exam can help you do lots of different things, like:

– Further your education
– Help you advance in your career
– Join the military
– Meet federal education requirements

Passing scores show you can perform at a level consistent with high school equivalency. Information from the exam also helps to identify areas in which you are career and college ready, as well as areas in which additional preparation may be needed.

Call Anne and schedule for your Orientation. There is no charge for your HiSET if you have a valid Maine ID.

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