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Biddeford Adult Education supports adults in gaining skills and credentials for employment, citizenship and enrichment, and family and community leadership. In addition to offering classes to attain one’s high school diploma, we also provide workforce training, career advising, and English for Speakers of other languages. Offerings also include contextualized classes that prepare adults for jobs and career pathways. We are committed to provide adults the opportunity to gain skills and credentials they need for upward mobility in college and career.

I hope that each of you in receipt of our catalog will find at least one program that interests you and fits in your schedule. If you would like to see a particular offering in the future, please contact us and we will do our best to make it happen!

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  • Jan
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    Computer (Digital) Literacy (HSD)

    Digital literacy is an important skill in any industry. What is Digital Literacy? Digital Literacy is the ability to use information and communication technologies to find, evaluate, create, and communicate information. Learn to use the Google Applied Digital Literacy program to communicate via internet, research and evaluate information, and develop the computer skills necessary to […]

  • Jan
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    Stress & Anger Management

    Information is Power. Life can be overwhelming these days with school, work, and family. Stress is a fact of life; we need to learn how to manage it. We will learn how to take advantage of the positive and reduce the negative effects of stress!_x005F_x005F_x005F_x000D_ Anger is one of the most misunderstood over-used human emotions. […]

  • Jan
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    Substitute Teaching Training

    Substitute teaching can be a challenging, yet highly rewarding job. Although it takes a lot of enthusiasm and hard work, you can build a set of skills that will help you become an expert substitute teacher. If you’re looking for job flexibility, days full of fun and variety, and enjoy investing in students—then substitute teaching […]

  • Jan
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    Introduction to Data

    Maybe you have heard the term “Big Data” and have wondered what that actually means? This class cuts through all the hype and confusion to present what data really is and how you can use it to advance your career. Topics include data cleaning, data modeling and data analytics. No prior knowledge of computer programming […]

  • Feb
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    Data Analysis Certificate ONLINE

    Data Analysis is quickly becoming one of the most sought-after skills in the workplace. Companies have vast amounts of data, but it is rare to have someone with the ability to analyze that data to see trends and make predictions. Add a whole new skill set to your portfolio, and make a big difference in […]

  • Feb
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    Digital Marketing Certificate ONLINE

    Come get a fundamental yet advanced introduction to eMarketing, including improving email promotions, analyzing your web site traffic, doing search engine optimization, and how to successfully employ online advertising. Relevant for any type of organization, including businesses, companies, non-profits, and government agencies. No eMarketing experience or expertise is necessary. Three One Month ONLINE Classes: Improving […]

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